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Classroom trainings


All academy courses are composed by both informative presentations and hands on labs, giving you the possibility to try your new knowledge.

The following courses are adapted for you who works within security sales & system design.

Network video fundamentals

Length: 2 days
Format: classroom

Course description

The Fundamentals is a comprehensive course, covering the essentials of network video. Topics such as basic camera installation, image usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics are explored in theory lessons combined with hands-on labs.

Course objectives

You will learn a wide variety of video surveillance basics, such as:

  • Camera technology and setup
  • Selecting the appropriate camera type and placement
  • Ways to save bandwidth and storage
  • Intelligent applications

Who should attend?

Professionals working with system integration and network video design. Prerequisites: In order to get the most out of the training, you need to have an understanding of networks in an IP video context. Before attending Network Video Fundamentals we strongly recommend all students spend 30 minutes on Axis’ web-based Basic Networks Training to confirm their network knowledge.

To evolve as a professional and as a person you continuously need to work on your knowledge and skills. The time, energy and money invested in technical training can provide significant career and earning benefits for individuals, and will improve value for your company and your customers.

Frida Andersson, Technical trainer

Designing network video solutions

Length: 1 day
Format: classroom

Course description

Designing Network Video Solutions covers many important aspects of designing a network video surveillance system. Topics such as surveillance goals, camera placement, video analytics, network performance and storage solutions are discussed. All theory presented is put into practice in a comprehensive lab session.

Course objectives

The objectives of this training are for participants to:

  • Understand the cornerstones of a network video system
  • Understand how product selection and camera placement effect the usability of a system
  • Be able to make decisions on products, placement and storage solutions based on customer needs
  • Be able to use Axis’ system design tools to facilitate the design process

Who should attend?

Professionals working with network video design. Prerequisites: In order to get the most out of the training, we strongly recommend all students to first attend Axis’ Network Video Fundamentals training.

Axis products are getting smarter and so is our training! Meeting your customer’s requirements can be very challenging when the technology is moving so fast. But you can stay ahead of the market with our range of smart on-line and class-based courses. And why not take the Axis certification exam and let the world know just how good you are!

Mike Ruck, Technical trainer

Axis video management software

Length: 1 day
Format: classroom

Course description

Axis Video Management Software is a technical course, giving you the skills you need to successfully deploy and manage:

  • AXIS Camera Station (5 hours)
  • AXIS Companion (2 hours) Video management software is explored in both theory lessons and hands-on labs.

Course objectives

AXIS Camera Station; you will learn how to:

  • Plan, install and use AXIS Camera Station
  • Set up events
  • Navigate between live view and play back recordings
  • Handle camera and parameter management

AXIS Companion; you will learn how to:

  • Install and use AXIS Companion
  • Set up recordings and storage options
  • Retrieve and export recordings

Who should attend?

Professionals working with system integration and network video design. Prerequisites: It is recommended to have attended the Network Video Fundamentals classroom training.

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