The training gives you a detailed look at how thermal cameras work. You will learn more about how this type of camera works and what it can be used for. The training also shows you how to find the optimal position and orientation of the camera using the AXIS Perimeter Defender Design Tool. In addition, the training covers the installation and calibration of AXIS Perimeter Defender.

Practical Information:

Format: Instructor-led virtual classroom
Lenght: 1 morning (08:30-12:00)
Language: Dutch
Technical requirements: PC/Notebook with webcam connected
Price (net): 99€


September 2023

29.09.2023, 08:30-12:00

Course Calender:

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Course objectives:

After completing the training, you will have a solid knowledge of how thermal cameras work and what they can be used for. You will know how to use the AXIS Perimeter Defender Design Tool for planning and the correct procedure for installing and configuring AXIS Perimeter Defender:

  • The way thermal cameras work
  • The advantages over optical cameras
  • The possibility of combining thermal and PTZ cameras
  • The selection and planning of cameras in real environments
  • Installing and configuring AXIS Perimeter Defender

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for system integrators, planners and technicians.


To successfully participate in this training, you should have solid networking skills, good Windows PC skills and experience in planning and installing Axis network cameras.

Information about the trainer:

Frederic Rocher, Technical Trainer Axis Communications