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ID FAQ115553

How do I activate the digital PTZ function on the Axis fixed cameras/domes?

The Digital PTZ can be activated by following these steps:

1. Go to Setup page in the web interface.

2. Go to Video (& Audio where applicable) and then Camera Settings and check the box Enable View Area(s) upon which View Area(s) menu will appear to the left.

3. Go to View Area(s) menu and configure the desired View Area and if Digital PTZ is to be used for that area, check the box Enable PTZ.

4. After enabling PTZ, the PTZ menu will appear to the left giving the possibility to configure Preset Positions, Guard Tour, etc.

This article applies to the following products: AXIS M1054, AXIS M1103, AXIS M1104, AXIS M1113, AXIS M1113-E, AXIS M1114, AXIS M1114-E, AXIS P1343, AXIS P1343-E, AXIS P1344, AXIS P1344-E, AXIS P1346, AXIS P1346-E, AXIS P1347, AXIS P1347-E, AXIS P3301-V, AXIS P3304, AXIS P3304-V, AXIS P3343, AXIS P3343-V, AXIS P3343-VE, AXIS P3344, AXIS P3344-V, AXIS P3344-VE, AXIS P3346, AXIS P3346-V, AXIS P3346-VE, AXIS P3367-V, AXIS P3367-VE, AXIS P1353, AXIS P1354, AXIS P1355, AXIS P1357, AXIS P1353-E, AXIS P1354-E, AXIS P1355-E, AXIS P1357-E, AXIS Q1614, AXIS Q1614-E, AXIS Q1615, AXIS Q1615-E, AXIS Q3505-V, AXIS Q3505-VE, AXIS Q1635, AXIS P1365, AXIS P1365-E, AXIS Q1635-E, AXIS P1364, AXIS P1364-E, AXIS P1365 Mk II, AXIS P1365-E Mk II, AXIS Q1615 Mk II, AXIS Q1615-E Mk II