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ID FAQ115324

What do I do when receiving the message 'AXIS Media Control component is not installed' on Windows Vista?

Check that your product is using the latest firmware version

  1. Add the network camera to the trusted sites list in the Internet Explorer as follows:
    Open Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites.
    Press the "Sites..." button
    Add the camera's IP-address (wildcards can be used to add subnets).
  2. Save the settings and close Internet Explorer.
  3. Install the AXIS Media Control viewing component by running the .msi package: Download files.

  4. Note that MPEG-4, H.264 and AAC decoder (where applicable, i.e. see specifications of the particular product functionality) are not included in the .msi package mentioned above.
    To install the decoders, right-click the Internet Explorer icon and select "Run as Administrator". Then access the Live View and MPEG-4 stream of the product to get these components installed.

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