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손실 방지

Reduce shrinkage and keep control of your premises

Losses in retail operations amount to millions every day. The two main causes are employees, who believe their frauds are difficult to detect, and customers or intruders committing either planned or spontaneous crimes.

Shrinkage caused by employee theft, point-of-sale fraud, shoplifting, theft and supplier fraud is both costly and preventable. Modern network video cameras with embedded analytics software act as powerful, reliable and cost-effective tools to protect your store’s assets. As important, they ensure a safer, more secure environment for your staff and customers.You combat loss prevention control and gain an effective means to deter and detect shoplifting and undesirable behavior — all in a smart solution. Here’s how:

Axis solutions for loss prevention: Focus on Bergendahl, a Scandinavian retailer, and their experiences

  • Take action on suspicious behavior
  • Prevent and detect shoplifting and theft
  • Get better control over internal shrink
  • Improve investigation time
  • Provide a safer customer and employee environment

손실 방지 솔루션이 바람직하지 않은 행동을 감지하여 손실을 최소화시킬 수 있는 방법을 확인해 보세요.

공평한 점검

"프로파일링 없이 임의 검문을 어떻게 수행할 수 있습니까?"

신뢰할 수 있는 테일게이팅 감지

"입구에서의 의심스러운 행동을 감지하고 싶습니다."

입구 및 출구의 올바른 사용법

"입구를 통해 누군가 걸어 나오는 경우 알림을 받을 수 있습니까?"

Axis 손실 방지 솔루션이 손실을 최소화하는 방법을 알아보세요.