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Axis는 전 세계 식료품 매장들이 손실을 방지하고 수익을 늘리는 데 도움을 줬습니다. Axis가 아닌 고객의 이야기를 직접 들어보십시오. 아래의 사례에서 Axis가 고객에게 어떤 도움을 줬는지 살펴보십시오.

The Co-operative Food

United Kingdom

Embracing the power of networked video surveillance to improve the welfare of colleagues and customers

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Albert Heijn Zaltbommel


Smart implementation increases flexibility for management and security

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Tzen's Mochi


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Combi Mart

Korea, Republic of

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Department Stores Superconti S.p.A.


Axis network video monitors the Superconti supermarkets of Terni

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Favco Qld. Pty.Ltd.


Security monitoring system from Axis prevents stock loss from major fresh produce distributor.

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