Store optimization


In-store performance and
customer experience

Unlock the full potential of your business with in-store data and customer insights,  enabling you to respond quickly – and proactively – to your customers’ needs.

In-store performance

Optimize store performance and direct your staff to where they are most needed by monitoring queues, understanding visitor traffic and analyzing store layout.

Customer Experience

Anticipate your customers’ needs and equip your store to meet their expectations. Find out who they are and how they move in the store. Respond to their behaviour by taking actions at the right place and the right time. Create an athmosphere with background music and make scheduled and live announcements to engage them in your brand.

  • リアルタイムで顧客行動の真の姿を把握
  • 顧客の人数測定と来客の動線
  • マーケティング投資の効率性に関する洞察
  • 従業員と店舗の配置を最適化するのに役立つレポート



Discover how retail intelligence from a single smart solution enhances customer experience, optimizes staff productivity and boosts in-store campaigns.