AXIS T90D30 IR-LED Illuminator

High-performance infrared LED illuminator with ease of installation

  • High and efficient IR LED performance
  • AC/DC-powered illuminator
  • Flexible angle of infrared illumination
  • Various mounting options

Optimized to match your camera’s field of view

Based on the latest LED technology, AXIS T90D30 IR-LED delivers more light where it is needed. It generates longer infrared LED illumination distance, minimize light wastage, and prevent overexposure of foreground objects. With interchangeable lenses, the angle of illumination can be optimized to match your network camera's field of view. AXIS T90D30 IR-LED Illuminator comes with a pre-mounted 10º diverging lens, and it includes diverging lenses of 35º, 60º and 80º beam angle. Moreover, an optional 120º diverging lens is available.

Installation made easy and flexible

AXIS T90D20 PoE IR-LED Illuminator can easily be installed on different mounts, for walls or poles:

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Power Supplies

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