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Title Language Date
Radar in Überwachung German September 2020
Digitalisierung und Cybersicherheit bei der Zutrittskontrolle German August 2021
Videodaten als Beweismittel German September 2021
Axis Zipstream-Technologie: Am Speicher sparen. Nicht an der Qualität. German April 2018
Video-Encoder German March 2021
KI in der Videoanalyse - Überlegungen zur Analytik auf der Grundlage vonmaschinellem Lernen und Deep Learning German May 2021
Infrarot-Reflexionen in Dome-Kameras German June 2021
Maximizing value - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return-on-Investment (ROI) case studies English January 2018
Panoramic cameras: Wide coverage - for complete situational awareness with just one camera English June 2018
Introduction to audio: acoustics, speakers and audio terminology English October 2017
Axis Secure Remote Access English March 2019
Long distance surveillance - Fiber-optic communication English April 2017
Wide dynamic range: WDR solutions for forensic value English September 2018
Cybersecurity reference guide: Terminology and concepts English September 2018
European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Implications for video surveillance English May 2018
AXIS Guardian - Secure cloud-based services 24/7 English March 2019
Explosion-protected network cameras- Safety first English January 2019
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance English June 2016
i-CS lenses – intelligent lenses improving camera performance English June 2016
Thermal network cameras - Performance considerations for video analytics English May 2016
AXIS Q1942-E - Nomographs to determine number of pixels at a given range in meter English February 2016
SIP - An introduction English October 2015
Axis Mobile Streaming English June 2015
Latency in live network video surveillance English April 2015
Lighting for Network Video: Lighting Design Guide English December 2010