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Title Language Date
Axis Zipstream 기술: 품질을 훼손하지 않고 저장 공간을 절약하십시오. Korean April 2018
Axis Zipstream-Technologie: Am Speicher sparen. Nicht an der Qualität. German April 2018
Axis 影像分析: 提升影像監控效率 Chinese, Simplified August 2018
Axis 데이터시트 퀵 가이드승인, 인증, 프로토콜 Korean May 2019
Axis 모바일 스트리밍 Korean June 2015
Axis 비디오 분석: 영상 감시 효율성 향상 Korean August 2018
Axisのビデオ分析: ビデオ監視効率の向上 Japanese August 2018
Axisデータシート用クイックガイド認証、認定およびプロトコル Japanese April 2019
Bitrate control for IP video: Average bitrate (ABR), variable bitrate (VBR), and maximum bitrate (MBR) English September 2021
Calidad con un propósito: La usabilidad de las imágenes en el sector de la seguridad Spanish March 2018
Calidad con un propósitoLa usabilidad de las imágenes en el sector de la seguridad Spanish June 2018
Captura de matrículas Spanish July 2021
Captura de placas de licença Portuguese, Brazil July 2021
Capture de plaque d'immatriculation French July 2021
CCD and CMOS sensor technology English October 2010
Codificadores de vídeo Spanish March 2021
Codificatori video Italian March 2021
Cómo el audio en red añadevalor a su negocio Spanish September 2021
Controle da taxa de bits para vídeos IPTaxa de bits média (ABR), taxa de bits variável (VBR) e taxa de bits máxima (MBR) Portuguese, Brazil October 2021
Controlled full frame rate English January 2018
Cutting costs without losing forensic value. Three examples of cost savings with Zipstream technology English July 2016
Cybersecurity reference guide: Terminology and concepts English September 2018
Cyfryzacja i cyberbezpieczeństwo w kontekście fizycznej kontroli dostępu Polish September 2021
Dados de localização em câmeras corporais Portuguese, Brazil April 2021
Dane lokalizacyjne w urządzeniach nasobnych Polish April 2021