White papers

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Title Language Date
Cybersecurity reference guide: Terminology and concepts English September 2018
Cybersecurity features in Axis products English December 2021
Controlled full frame rate English January 2018
Contrôle de la température à distance French December 2021
Controle da taxa de bits para vídeos IP Portuguese, Brazil October 2021
Control de la velocidad de bits para vídeo IP Spanish October 2021
Cómo el audio en red añadevalor a su negocio Spanish September 2021
Codificatori video Italian March 2021
Codificadores de vídeo Spanish March 2021
CCD and CMOS sensor technology English October 2010
Caractéristiques de cybersécurité des produits Axis French December 2021
Capture de plaque d'immatriculation French July 2021
Captura de placas de licença Portuguese, Brazil July 2021
Captura de matrículas Spanish July 2021
Caméras thermiques French December 2021
Câmeras térmicas Portuguese, Brazil November 2021
Câmeras protegidas contra explosão Portuguese, Brazil January 2022
Caméras panoramiques French October 2021
Câmeras panorâmicas Portuguese, Brazil September 2021
Caméras avec protection contre les explosions French January 2022
Cámaras térmicas Spanish December 2021
Cámaras protegidas contra explosiones Spanish January 2022
Cámaras panorámicas Spanish October 2021
Calidad con un propósito: La usabilidad de las imágenes en el sector de la seguridad Spanish March 2018
Bitrate control for IP video English September 2021