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Title Language Date
Lightfinder: Prestazioni straordinarie in condizioni di illuminazione difficili Italian July 2019
Wide Dynamic RangeSoluzioni WDR con valore forense Italian December 2019
Flexible and reliable recording solutions: Edge storage English March 2020
Whitepaper "Cybersicherheit - Die größte Herausforderung für den Einzelhandel" (April 2020) German May 2020
Сетевые тепловизионные камеры: Повышение эффективности видеоанализа Russian May 2020
Axis hardening guide English June 2020
Axis body worn system - system security English June 2020
Signed firmware, secure boot, and security of private keys English July 2020
ワイドダイナミック レンジWDRソリューション - 検証上の価値 Japanese August 2020
Edge-to-edge technology - Smart pairing with Axis speakers English September 2020
Signed Firmware, Secure Boot및 개인 키의 보안 Korean September 2020
签名固件、安全启动和私钥提供的安全性 Chinese, Simplified September 2020
署名付きファームウェア、セキュアブートと秘密鍵のセキュリティ Japanese September 2020
已簽署的韌體、安全開機,以及私密⾦鑰的安全性 Chinese, Simplified September 2020
Sharpdome - sharp images on every level English September 2020
Axis people-counting technologies - aspects for system integrators and end customers English September 2020
Shielded or unshielded network cables English October 2020
監控雷達 Chinese, Simplified November 2020
Podpisane oprogramowanie sprzętowe, bezpieczne uruchamianie i bezpieczeństwo kluczy prywatnych Polish November 2020
Firmware signé, démarrage sécurisé et sécurité des clés privées French December 2020
Firmware assinado, inicialização segura e segurança de chaves privadas Portuguese, Brazil December 2020
Firmware firmado, arranque seguro y seguridad de claves privadas Spanish December 2020
Firmware firmato, avvio sicuro e sicurezza delle chiavi private Italian December 2020
Встроенное ПО с цифровой подписью, режим безопасной загрузки и защита закрытых ключей Russian December 2020
Signierte Firmware, sicheres Hochfahren und sichere private Schlüssel German December 2020