Browser support

Internet Explorer is the primary browser in Axis video products. We are mainly testing with latest Internet Explorer on Windows 7. Other browsers, versions and operating systems may show limitations in functionality.

Internet Explorer

Version 8 or later for MS Windows

Note for MS Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11:
Emulation mode must be changed. For persistent setting of emulation mode, add each device under Tools - Compatibility View settings. Emulation for Internet Explorer 9 is recommended.

Viewer  Description Known limitations
AMC (Axis Media Control)
Default Motion JPEG viewer  If using Internet Explorer 10, Axis firmware version 5.50 or later is recommended.

If using prior firmware, compatibility mode is recommended (Press F12 > Browser Mode: IE9).

Internet Explorer 64-bit is not supported.

Default viewer for H.264 streaming in these browsers. 
The video object type needs to be set to Simple where applicable. 
One way audio support - listening (where applicable)
Viewing with QuickTime introduces 3 seconds latency.
Java Applet**  Motion JPEG viewer One way audio support - listening***
(if audio is supported)
Frame rate in Java Applet may be lower than in AXIS Media Control.

Audio quality may be lower than in AXIS Media Control.



*   Requires QuickTime to be installed.
**  Java Applet requires JVM (J2SE) 1.5 or later, or JRE (J2SE) 5.0 or later
*** Applies to products with support for G.711 µ-law audio and running firmware 4.30 or later.