SD card & switch solution

A complete video surveillance system

A highly flexible solution that covers most common surveillance needs and allows the use of the entire Axis portfolio to tailor systems to your customers’ needs. 

  • Add additional cameras with PoE Switch
  • No additional power or cables needed
  • PC or mobile remote access
  • Retain recorded video for up to 1 week with SD card

Go flexible

This AXIS Companion solution is a cost-effective way for customers wishing to add any cameras from the entire Axis portfolio. The solution utilizes the AXIS Companion Switch to power up to 4 cameras that record to the AXIS Companion Card 64 GB.

Axis Secure Remote Access also enables your customers to access live and recorded video – even off site. This system is ideal for users who want to retain video footage for up to 1 week.

Proven solutions for small businesses

"With the AXIS Companion Line, I can deliver a solution to meet my customers needs and budget, without compromising the level of quality that I demand."