AXIS Camera Station, much more than a professional VMS

Pilot UK & Ireland - August 2016

AXIS Camera station is not only a professional Video Management Software now it also gives you as an integrator the possibility to efficiently manage your surveillance installations from design to maintenance.

The pilot version of AXIS Camera Station provides seamless integration with a set of useful tools that will help to eliminate installation mistakes and effectively handle your customer installations in four simple steps

1. AXIS Site Designer for easy on-site system design

With AXIS Site Designer you can easily select cameras, pick the right accessories and storage solution. System configurations such as camera names, resolution, retention times and detailed instructions. You actually configure AXIS Camera Station video Management Software already at this stage. When you have completed the design print the installation instructions and share all details with your installer

2. Auto configuration for quick and reliable installation

To eliminate installation mistakes and shorten installation time your system design made in AXIS Site Designer is automatically imported to AXIS Camera Station. Type your project key in AXIS Camera Station and all cameras, recorders and additional devices are automatically configured based on the original design.

3. AXIS Installation Verifier for live testing

As a last step, you run AXIS Installation Verifier an application integrated in AXIS Camera Station. It will perform an on-site live system verification to ensure everything is working properly in normal operation as well as anticipated worst case scenarios. This will secure optimal performance before handing over the system to the customer.

4. AXIS Health Monitoring for effective maintenance

All your AXIS Camera Station installations are easy accessible by logging-in to AXIS Camera Station Health Monitoring. The portal will give you the possibility to monitor all your installations and get status such as if cameras and servers are up and running.

AXIS Camera Station, much more than a professional VMS
AXIS Camera Station integration – how it works

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