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ID FAQ115881

I would like to hide the video stream in certain occasions - Disable/enable a Privacy mask

You can hide the stream thanks to an event that disables/enables a privacy mask on a device by pushing a button connected to the input port or based on a schedule. This can be used for example to “disable” or “turn off” the video stream on request or hide the view.

Requires firmware 5.40 or above and Privacy mask capability.


Step 1: Login on the device and add a black Privacy mask under Setup > Video & Audio > Privacy Mask. The privacy mask should take 100% of the field of view.

 Privacy mask list

Step 2: Create a new Action Rule under “Setup > Action Rules > Add…” with the following parameters:

Name: Enable Mask
Trigger: Input Signal: Digital Input Port: Input 1: Active : Yes
Send HTTP notification to: My camera
Type: Send Notification
Recipient: New Recipient. 

Step 3:

A pop-up window will open. Create a new recipient with the following parameters:
Type: HTTP
The URL should be the ip address of the camera followed by /axis-cgi/param.cgi
Enter Username and password of the camera and Save

recipient setup PM


Step 4:

In Action Rule Setup select the recipient you have just created and add the following:
Custom Parameters: Add…
Name: action
Value: update
And another parameter:
Name: Image.I0.Overlay.MaskWindows.M0.Enabled
Value: yes
Then Save.

  Custom param 

HTTP raram

The Action Rule should look like that:


 AR setup

Step 5: Create a second Action Rule with the following differences:

Name: Disable Mask
Active: No
Custom Parameters: Add…
Name: Image.I0.Overlay.MaskWindows.M0.Enabled
Value: no
Then Save.
Note: Do not forget to change the value to no in the Trigger and in the Custom Parameter. 


 AR setup 2

Result: When input port of the camera is activated (button, switch, detector...), the image on the device will then become black. If you press again it will go back to normal. Instead of the Input Port you could also use a scheduled event to switch at a defined time of the day.

This article applies to the following products: AXIS M1054, AXIS P1343, AXIS P1344, AXIS P1346, AXIS P1347, AXIS M3004, AXIS M3005, AXIS P5522, AXIS P5522-E, AXIS P5532, AXIS P5532-E, AXIS P5534, AXIS P5534-E, AXIS P5544, AXIS M1033-W, AXIS M1034-W, AXIS P1353, AXIS P1354, AXIS P1355, AXIS P1357, AXIS M3006-V, AXIS M3007-P, AXIS M3007-PV, AXIS M3014, AXIS M1004-W