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Upcoming webinars

Academy program- Train your Way to Success.

Through well-structured, up to date training courses, Axis empowers their partners to excel using technology to create a safer, smarter world.

AXIS Products & Solutions Update

Date: Tuesday, 15-February-2022

Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Axis offers a wide portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance. Our security cameras, video encoders, accessories and access control products are based on open industry standards. The products integrate easily with Axis’ video management software or with third-party products to build a complete security or surveillance solution.

Axis offers End-to-end security solutions whether your business is small or quite bit larger. From the VMS to all connected devices are from Axis portfolio.

Axis Network Audio systems made smart and easy.

Date: Tuesday, 22-March-2022

Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Network audio provides an array of features, capabilities and business opportunities not found with traditional analogue speakers. Axis offers complete, high-quality network audio systems that are perfect for security, background music and announcements in stores and other settings.

In this webinar, learn the benefits of IP audio in surveillance applications such as:

  • Audio for Security and Safety.

  • Audio for Operational efficiency.

AXIS Camera Station & recording solutions

Date: Tuesday, 19-April-2022

Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Design your ideal end-to-end surveillance solution with Axis Camera Station. AXIS Camera Station is a proven software platform for surveillance solution management, monitoring and maintenance of solutions based on Axis network cameras and IP devices. This empowers integrators/installers to manage security installations.

Out of the Box ready recorders: Choose an easy-to-install and reliable Axis network video recorders. This is a toolbox wizard with simplified licensing. All hardware components can be easily configured to meet the demands of high-definition surveillance that comes with 5-year warranty.

In this webinar, learn how to design, manage surveillance system and how to choose a perfect recording solution.

Radar & ADP Solutions

Date: Tuesday, 24-May-2022

Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Radar for surveillance purposes is perfect for wide-open, outdoor areas with moderate

activity. It’s particularly useful for detecting trespassers who have breached your

perimeter and for detecting façade climbers and preventing intrusion from the roof. Radar detects moving objects and individuals and establishes their precise position, angle of movement, and speed without relying on visibility. That makes it a particularly valuable tool for detecting and tracking trespassers. Radar reduces false alarms to a minimum.

In this webinar, explore the possibilities of integrating Radar with IP cameras and audio devices for effective detection.

AXIS Best Installation practices

Date: Tuesday, 21-June-2022

Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

A successful surveillance installation requires careful consideration of several things. What cameras, IP system devices, accessories you should choose? What is the best way to install them?

In this webinar we describe some of the common challenges you can encounter during installation, and how to deal with them. We’ll guide you through areas such as cabling, network setup, environmental considerations, and camera selection and placement, as well as how you can make the most of Axis camera features.