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Keep pace with change, prepare for the future.

In recent years, financial institutions have undergone transformational change in the face of numerous new challenges. The digitalization of offerings and services, changing customer behavior and increased competition from non-traditional banking organizations and fintech challengers has meant that costs are being scrutinized (and go to market models are being reconsidered). While bank branches are costly to maintain, they are also valuable points of interaction between the bank and its customers, both adding value to the customer experience, and allowing the bank to deliver increased revenue through financial service sales. In assessing their entire offering – online and offline – banks are being forced to adapt to change and prepare for the future.

Branch transformation

Some would have you believe that the bank branch is dying out but, to coin a phrase, reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated. What is evident, however, is that the nature of the bank branch is transforming.
While the fundamentals of retail banking will remain – lending money, taking deposits, earning interest – banks will need to be able to differentiate themselves through exemplary customer service. The role of the physical branch in the retail bank experience, alongside seamless online and mobile service delivery, will be central to customer satisfaction.
Naturally this also includes security, both physical – safeguarding customers, employees and assets – as well as through cyber security.*
But in looking to make branch operations as innovative and efficient as possible, both in order to enhance customer experience, loyalty and retention and to improve cost efficiency, many banks are missing an untapped source of insight that can help optimize branch transformation.
Video data analytics is a logical and valuable extension to the investment already made in video surveillance and can play a key role in defining the best bank branch experience for today and tomorrow. Learn more about the potential for video analytics in this e-book (available in English).

Améliorer la satisfaction du client

Avec l'aide des éditeurs de logiciels partenaires, nous pouvons vous proposer toute une gamme d'applications de vidéo intelligente pour nos caméras, qui vont du comptage de personnes à l'identification des clients, en passant par la gestion des files d'attente.

Les agences bancaires doivent faire face à de nombreux défis en matière de sécurité, car les malfaiteurs ne cessent d'imaginer de nouveaux moyens pour contourner les mesures de sûreté traditionnelles. Les zones à surveiller dans une agence bancaire sont nombreuses et variées. Les files d'attente et les distributeurs automatiques doivent être entièrement couverts par les caméras, mais aussi les guichets, la salle des coffres et la chambre forte, avec en plus des images en plan-rapproché au niveau de l'entrée et de la sortie.

Adaptable et à l'épreuve du temps

Lors de la migration d'un système de surveillance analogique vers un système numérique, les solutions Axis vous seront d'une aide précieuse, car elles vous permettent, par l'intermédiaire d'une plateforme ouverte et flexible, d'intégrer progressivement de nouveaux équipements à votre système analogique et à vos installations de vidéosurveillance existants.

Flexible and future-proof system

When shifting from analog to digital surveillance, Axis’ solutions are ideal as you buy into an open and flexible platform that can be integrated into existing analog equipment and CCTV installations step by step – as they’re needed

*At Axis we are working diligently with products, people, technology and ongoing processes requirements regarding cyber security

Long-term, profitable decision at Banco de Brasília

La reconnaissance faciale est le complément idéal d'un système de surveillance existant, en assurant à la fois sécurité et expérience client plus riche en temps réel.