Stay informed as technology advances

Since the advent of the first IP camera, technology has taken a quantum leap. Advancements in network video and security-related technologies have especially accelerated in recent years.

For system architects, integrators, security professionals, IT managers and organizations focused on protecting their assets, it’s essential to stay informed and understand the implications for your business. 

This was the impetus for the new edition of Intelligent Network Video.

Navigate the complex landscape

Intelligent Network Video, Second Edition provides a comprehensive reference for anyone involved in developing, implementing, and maintaining the latest surveillance systems.

Additionally, it helps to navigate the complex technological landscape by examining developments in thermal cameras, audio systems, analytic software, cloud-based solutions, and more.

Gain knowledge and promote innovation

This site is dedicated to sharing information from the book, contributing to the industry dialogue, and advancing the conversation about innovative networked video solutions. 

Explore the site, add to the discussion, and visit regularly for related news and information.