Flight booking

You are responsible for booking and covering your flight cost. The closest airport is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), it is about 20 minutes from the hotel.


Please note!

Your conference reservations will not be finalized until full travel details have been supplied. You will be required to update your registration on RegOnline with your full travel details no later than September 29th.

Airport Transfers

For those of you who require it, as part of the conference package Axis offers complimentary airport transfers both to and from the conference from the SEA airport.

**Full travel details must be entered into your event registration on RegOnline by September 29th in order to confirm your airport transportation. Please verify the accuracy of these details to ensure a smooth event arrival and departure. 


For those of you driving to the conference, self-parking expenses will be covered by Axis.

**Valet parking is also available. Please note that valet fees are not part of the overall conference package and will be charged to the individual upon checkout.