Student opportunities

Is this the evening that could change your life?

Maybe! You are very important to us!

At Axis student evening we will not only offer food and sweets but real life opportunities that could lead to a thesis, job or take your life on a different course. Come and see if you can see yourself being a part of Axis and the journey to create a smarter and safer world!


Thursday 30th November at 16:45


Emdalavägen 14 in Lund

Who are you?

We think that you are in your final year of studies and ready to spread your wings and start a new adventure! Please sign up for the evening no later than Wednesday 16th of November and don´t forget to tell us if you have any allergies. Due to limited seating please note that the sign up is binding and only for last year students.

Sign up today!

To, for questions, please contact Sofie Kampf on

Join Axis thesis program! 

Did you know that several of our successful innovations were initiated from our thesis program?

We don’t make up problems for you to solve – we give you real ones that can have a huge impact on our future groundbreaking products. Our thesis program has always been, and still is, a very important part of Axis' research and product development, as we keep pioneering the market. 

When doing your thesis at Axis, you will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the best engineers in the field. 

Each year we recruit many new graduates straight from school. Doing your thesis at Axis is a good kick-start to your career!

My name is Jonna and I did my master thesis work at Axis Communications, where I now got a permanent position at the mechanical development within R&D.

Jonna Lagerblad, Mechanical Engineer