Fifteen thousand license plates per day

After installing fiber optic, the city of São Pedro invested in 430 Axis IP cameras and license plate reading technology, starting down the road to becoming a “smart city”

“The equipment’s benefits and reliability are what led us to adopt the Axis cameras. We have some cameras here that have been operating for four years without interruption. Our maintenance rates are extremely low, and that was essential for the expansion of the project.” Francisco Guerreiro, head of the Operations and Intelligence Center for the municipal government of São Pedro.


São Paulo has the biggest GDP of any major state capital in Brazil. But the interior of the state has an economic strength that is bigger than countries like Chile. In recent years, São Pedro, 200 kilometers from the capital, has experienced population growth that has gone hand in hand with rising crime rates. Because it lacked any sort of video surveillance system, the needed to act in order to keep its economy growing. The path forward was to invest in 20 km of fiber optic and then enhance the safety of residents and tourists using a digital video surveillance system.


The city installed approximately 430 Axis network cameras to monitor public buildings, schools, hospitals, streets, and avenues. Axis network cameras located at the entrance points to the city read vehicle license plates. This information, together with images, is shared with the city police and government departments. In addition to improving safety, the cameras show the water level in the reservoirs that supply the city.


Installing the system sped up police response to incidents. This strengthened the feeling of safety for both tourists and locals. Each day the system captures fifteen thousand license plate numbers. In the first months after the operation’s expansion, for example, criminal apprehensions increased by 133%. The images are also used to monitor the water supply for the city and provide municipal departments with information about the functioning of public services.

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