Cámara de red AXIS M3044-WV

Mini domo con calidad de vídeo HDTV 720p y conexión inalámbrica

  • Calidad de vídeo HDTV 720p 
  • Se conecta por LAN inalámbrica o Ethernet
  • Amplio rango dinámico (WDR) para ofrecer excelente nitidez en zonas iluminadas y oscuras
  • Tecnología Zipstream de Axis: conserva el ancho de banda sin sacrificar la calidad 
  • Diseño discreto y ultracompacto 
  • Instalación rápida, sencilla y rentable
  • Compatible con el análisis inteligente

If you want an affordable fixed mini dome surveillance camera that offers excellent video quality and wireless connection, this is it. AXIS M3044-WV is perfect for stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices.

Calidad Axis a un precio asequible 

La AXIS M3044-WV ofrece una calidad de vídeo HDTV 720p nítida. La cámara ofrece un campo de visión horizontal de 82° e incorpora la tecnología de amplio rango dinámico (WDR) para proporcionar gran precisión de detalles incluso con niveles de luz variables.

Put it where you want it

AXIS M3044-WV has a wireless network interface that supports a/b/g/n standards. It provides high-performance, wide-range transmission and you can place it exactly where you need it for a flexible installation. As an alternative AXIS M3044-WV can also be connected over Ethernet.


Sharp images. Low bandwidth.

Axis’ Zipstream technology reduces storage and bandwidth by up to 50%, while capturing important details in full image quality. Video streams can be encoded in H.264 and Motion JPEG. And for monitoring long, narrow areas, Axis’ Corridor Format provides a portrait-shaped video stream. It maximizes image quality, while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste.


Fits in your hand – fits in anywhere

Small and compact, AXIS M3044-WV can be mounted on walls or ceiling as you prefer. And you can easily repaint it to blend in with any environment. A black casing is also available as an accessory.  

Installation that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

To keep implementation costs low, AXIS M3044-WV is designed for fast and easy installation. No focusing is required because it comes factory focused. And with its 3-axis camera-angle adjustment, it can be easily leveled and directed in any direction. AXIS M3044-WV is also vandal and dust resistant for optimal performance and minimal downtime.


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