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Title Language Date
Cómo el audio en red añadevalor a su negocio Spanish September 2021
Control de la velocidad de bits para vídeo IP Spanish October 2021
Controle da taxa de bits para vídeos IP Portuguese, Brazil October 2021
Controlled full frame rate English January 2018
Cutting costs without losing forensic value. Three examples of cost savings with Zipstream technology English July 2016
Cybersecurity reference guide: Terminology and concepts English September 2018
Cyfryzacja i cyberbezpieczeństwo w kontekście fizycznej kontroli dostępu Polish November 2021
Dados de localização em câmeras corporais Portuguese, Brazil April 2021
Dane lokalizacyjne w urządzeniach nasobnych Polish April 2021
Dane wizyjne jako materiał dowodowy Polish September 2021
Das Potenzial der Audioerfassung German August 2021
Dati sulla posizione nei sistemi Body Cam Italian April 2021
Dati video come prova Italian October 2021
Datos de localización en sistemas corporales Spanish April 2021
Des données vidéo comme preuves légales French September 2021
Device lifecycle management with AXIS Device Manager Extend English March 2021
Digitalisierung und Cybersicherheit bei der Zutrittskontrolle German November 2021
Digitalização e segurança cibernética das tecnologias de controle de acesso físico Portuguese, Brazil November 2021
Dimensioni del sensore e qualità d'immagine nelle telecamere 4K Italian October 2021
Données de localisation des systèmes de caméras-piétons French April 2021
Durchsagen German November 2021
Dźwięk z potencjałem Polish August 2021
Edge-to-edge technology - Smart pairing with Axis speakers English September 2020
Einführung in das Thema Audio: Akustik-, Lautsprecher- und Audio-Terminologie German April 2018
El potencial de la captura de audio Spanish August 2021