US Government

US Government

It’s about people.

The US Government has many roles and responsibilities, but at the end of the day it’s about people. Each government agency and organization plays a part in defending its employees and US civilians, and Axis can help. Learn more about our solutions for government agencies and other applications including:

Detect. Delay. Respond.

At Axis, we have the solutions to give you an advantage. As the world leader in network video, we’re driving the shift from analog to digital video surveillance.  We believe that providing the most robust, secure and hardened IP surveillance devices allows you to experience the benefits of leading-edge technology with capabilities such as:

  • Automatic alerts at security breach and advanced intelligent video applications
  • Remote access to real-time and recorded video in HDTV quality
  • Thermal imaging for detection of persons and vehicles in complete darkness
  • Higher levels of authentication for protection against cyber threats

This enables you to detect potential and real incidents at an early stage through the efficient – and secure – sharing of data in real-time.

Leverage available investments - migration strategies and the cloud

For many authorities, Axis video encoders have been a logical and practical first step into modern, IP-based video surveillance. Enhancing a seamless transition from analog systems makes it possible to protect your investments while benefiting from the advantages of network video technology including:

  • Compression and storage of vast amounts of relevant data
  • Rapid and enhanced retrieval of pertinent video
  • Analytic-enabled intelligence both in the device and/or server

Axis network video products can easily deploy and operate in cloud environments. You can rest assured that Axis solutions are uniquely hardened and robust - providing the highest levels of end-point security.

Rely on well-proven solutions

Axis products conform and comply with many of today’s government security standards.  Axis supports U.S. General Service Administration procurement schedules through our network of authorized distributors and resellers. Additionally, Axis also supports local and state procurement programs including many regional purchasing consortiums.