Fujinon Varifocal Lens 2.2-6 mm

  • Suitable for color and day/night cameras
  • Wide angle, 2.2-6 mm lens
  • IR-corrected lens
  • DC-iris

Optical zoom lens with wide angle to see it all

The lens is suited for high-quality image capturing and the special optic glass makes it ideal for color and day/night cameras. This high-accuracy aspherical lens is made of low-dispersion, high refractive-index glass, which enhances optical performance. The built-in ND (Neutral Density) filter caters well to high-sensitivity cameras, giving no change in hue of color rendition. The focal length is 2.2–6.0 mm and the lens fast aperture (F-number) is 1.3.

Compatible cameras

The Fujinon 2.2-6 mm Lens is recommended for use with the AXIS P13 Series and AXIS Q16 Series. The lens is day/night corrected and therefore no adjustments will be needed when the IR-cut filter of the day/night camera disengages.

Cámara Sensor de imagen Ángulo de visión*
AXIS M1124 1/2,8" 135°-52°
AXIS M1124-E 1/2,8" 120°-52°
AXIS M1125 1/2,8" 135°-52°
AXIS M1125-E 1/2,8" 120°-52°
AXIS P1353/-E 1/3" 111°-47°
AXIS P1354/-E 1/3" 111°-47°
AXIS P1355/-E 1/2,8" 124°-50°
AXIS P1357/-E 1/3,2" 105°-43°
AXIS P1364/-E 1/3" 100°-52°
AXIS P1365/-E 1/2,8" 100°-52°
AXIS Q1602/-E 1/3" 111°-47°
AXIS Q1604/-E 1/3" 123°-48°

* Ángulos obtenidos al utilizar la cámara dentro de una carcasa Axis

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