New updates to AXIS Audio Manager Pro increase functionality and support for larger systems

29 March 2022
The many use cases and benefits of network audio are well known, allowing organizations to effectively communicate with staff and customers, use pre-recorded or live announcements and create an ambience with background music.

However, managing your audio network system can be time consuming and expensive, as the needs can change over time or unexpectedly. To respond to these challenges, Axis Communications introduces a major software update to AXIS Audio Manager Pro, for larger, more advanced systems and use cases.

Organizations can now benefit from improved functionality. For example, with more speakers and zone support – all from one single, intuitive user interface.

The audio management system is future-proof and it’s possible to change the software setup and reconfigure the zones in real-time – regardless of physical cabling. All configurations and health monitoring are done using a web browser, eliminating the need to go onsite.

Axis audio solutions offer an efficient approach to system design, which adapts according to the user’s needs. It’s easy to change both the zoning and the scheduling of content, making it the ideal solution to manage last minute changes as well as unforeseen future situations. Given the unlimited number of licenses which come with AXIS Audio Manager Pro, this software will continue to meet versatile needs as a business grows.

New features include:

  • Redesigned user interface, now with a web-based UI
  • Support for larger systems with higher number of speakers (now supporting up to 5,000 speakers and 100 zones)
  • SIP server support with trunking to PBX systems
  • Improved scheduling and volume control

The new update will be available in March 2022. While AXIS Audio Manager Pro will continue to support larger, more advanced systems, AXIS Audio Manager Edge – available as standard on Axis audio devices – is also available to suit small and mid-sized projects.

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