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What do I need to configure in my firewall to allow access to AXIS Secure Remote Access?

If you are having problems enabling AXIS Secure Remote Access due to restrictive firewalls or other network security implementation consider the following: 

AXIS Secure Remote Access does not support proxy that requires authentication. A possible workaround could be to allow cameras (AXIS Companion) and AXIS Camera Station server (AXIS Camera Station) to bypass authentication.

Each time a client or a camera makes an outbound connection through the router, the router will give that connection a random external port which is used for hole punching. It is not possible to predict which port will be used.


  • The network needs to allow outbound traffic on ports 80 and 443 for Secure Remote Access to work
  • The servers use dynamic IP addresses, their URLs are:










acsapi.axis.com (only used by Axis Camera Station)



Server side: Cameras (AXIS Companion)/server (AXIS Camera Station) need to be able to get out on Port 80 & 443 (outbound)

Client side network: outbound 80 & 443

Connection using Web proxy/4G: P2P will not work and communication is relayed through the mediator servers.

Use of dynamic ports may prevent hole punching/P2P


  • For countries with special fire walls (e.g. Dubai and China) Secure remote access will not work as they cannot reach the turn servers (where ISPs restrict internet traffic, with restricted internet)
  • Some proxy may block certain protocols, require certificates or cut connections after a while and may not work with AXIS Secure Remote Access


For more information about AXIS Secure Remote Access, see:



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