Store optimization

Store optimization

Stay ahead of the competition and improve your store performance by analyzing and acting on collected in-store data. Use audio for personalized messages and background music to increase customer experience. In-store data helps staff to respond quickly – and proactively – to customers and their needs leading to more satisfied customers and sustained brand loyalty.

In-store performance

By monitoring queues, understanding visitor traffic, and analyzing the store layout you can allocate staff to where they are most needed at the right time.

Optimize store layout and staff allocation

Understand the customer journey, how they move, how much time they spend in different zones and their in-store behavior. Know your store’s busiest and least busy times of day, allocate staff and optimize your service levels accordingly. Compare statistics between different stores.

Efficient marketing campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and merchandising. Make live and scheduled promotion announcements to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Broadcast to single or multiple zones

Optimize efficiency by sending live alerts to your staff and scheduled announcements to customers. Choose in which areas of your store your message should be broadcasted.

Efficiently monitor and measure queue lengths and time

Increase efficiency by measuring in-store queue lengths and time and allocate staff according to needs.

Make data visual

AXIS Store Reporter presents data from the applications, which can also be integrated into other systems, for example: POS, digital signage and time and attendance.

Customer experience

Engage in your customers, make them feel welcome and appreciated in an atmosphere that builds loyalty to your brand. With small steps you can take customer relationships to the next level!

Create ambiance

Schedule music and announcements for an optimal communication mix with background music and targeted announcements.

Targeted messages/promotions

Improve your marketing investments through more dynamic and tailored digital signage messages, fitting with the profile and behaviour of your customers.

Improve communication

Ensure better communication, at the right time and to the right place, from local media broadcasting, to scheduled and live announcements, music and emergency messages.

Reduce waiting times

Efficiently monitor and measure in-store queue lengths and time and respond to customer needs in real-time.



Axis network cameras

High quality, reliable and cost-effective cameras with a combination of features and technology appropriate for retail environments. Find the right camera for your needs.

Axis audio system

Schedule playlists with music, trigger or schedule announcements. Music to energize your customers and commercial messaging with sales offers or announcements for store efficiency with Axis all in one high-quality network audio system. Find the right audio system for your needs.

For more information on how you can optimize your in-store performance and customer experience.

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