License information AXIS Camera Station 4

End of Life Axis Camera Station 4 licenses

Licenses for AXIS Camera Station version 4, 3, 2 and 1 are Discontinued Products (end of life) since November 1st 2016

What does Support mean?

We strongly recommend customers to use latest major version of AXIS Camera Station, free upgrade is available. All new development, such as improved functionality and support for new devices will only be available in latest major version.

How many licenses do I need?

Generally speaking, each Axis network camera (image sensor, in technical terms) requires one AXIS Camera Station license. Some Axis network cameras contain more than one image sensor, which require the same number of licenses as the total number of image sensors contained.

Note: The number of view areas supported by a camera doesn’t count, as long as there is only one image sensor in the camera, only one license is needed.

For each Axis video encoder, the required number of AXIS Camera Station licenses is the same as the total number of analog cameras that can be connected to it.


Product name

Product Type
Number of sensors/
analog cameras that
can be connected

Number of Licenses

AXIS P3367

Network Camera 1 1


Network Camera 4 4

AXIS Q6000-E

Network Camera 4 4

AXIS Q7401

Video Encoder 1 1

AXIS P7216

Video Encoder 16 16


How do I purchase the licenses?

An AXIS Camera Station software purchase includes a base license package including 4-base or 10-base licenses. Thereafter, customers may purchase additional upgrade licenses in packs of either 1, 5 or 20. Each AXIS Camera Station Server supports a maximum of 100 camera licenses.

Note: An Axis Surveillance Kit always includes one base license package. Base licenses may also be used as upgrade licenses for existing systems to expand an existing installation.


If 6 camera licenses are required, you'll need to buy two 1-upgrade licenses to add to the 4- base license package that can be provided in the initial software purchase. If 18 licenses are required, you have many equivalent options: One 10-base and two 4-base license packages or one 10-base plus one 5-upgrade license packages and three 1-upgrade licenses.


The AXIS Camera Station licenses are also available using electronic delivery. When eLicenses are ordered there will be no physical delivery. Compared with traditional software licensing, eLicensing generates savings on delivery times, delivery costs, distribution costs, storage space and environmental impact.

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