AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server

Your gateway to the world of network audio

All-in-one ease – and instant scalability

AXIS Audio Manager comes preinstalled and can handle more than 15000 audio devices. It includes licenses for up to 300 audio devices and if you need more – either from the get go or as you grow – you can always add extra AXIS Audio Manager eLicense packs to your system. AXIS Audio Manager eLicense pack comes in 10- license or 100-license versions.

  • One single user interface
  • Central control
  • Zone management
  • Audio content management
  • Scheduling

Central control with a single user interface

Take control of your entire audio system, including network speakers, audio bridges and microphones, from a single point , with AXIS Audio Manager.  In other words, you can control device setup, zones, content, volume and scheduling from a single, intuitive user interface. Plus you can monitor the status of all your Axis Audio devices from that same interface, – 24/7 . So you’ll always know that everything is working the way it should be.

Central – or local – management?

You can schedule the perfect mix of announcements, commercials and background music throughout the day, week and year. And you can choose whether you want to manage your content centrally, from headquarters, for example, or locally from each one of your sites.

AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server is a complete audio management package that includes both hardware and software. The heart and the brain of your network audio system, it lets you manage and control all your audio devices from a single user interface.

AXIS Audio Manager, enables larger and more advanced audio installations. Easy-to-install and operate, AXIS Audio Manager is perfect for central management of audio content and scheduling in larger, distributed setups; such as retail chains with many filial or larger school campuses.

AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server can be connected to Dante, using virtual soundcards.

With quick installation, intuitive operation, and central management, AXIS Audio Manager realizes the benefits of network audio.

The right content in the right place

With AXIS Audio Manager you can define multiple different zones and then broadcast music, pre-recorded and/or live announcements to any one or more of them. Or, you can broadcast the same content to all of your zones at once. So you can play the right content in the right places whenever you want.

Håkan Hansson Global Product Manager Audio, gives an introduction to AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server.
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