Axis Communications partners with Nemours Children’s Hospital to deliver unprecedented pediatric care

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December 11, 2018 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA
Axis cameras provide additional eyes for paramedics in the Tactical Logistics Center to help nurses, doctors and parents continuously monitor patient vitals, detect small visual changes in health and accelerate emergency response.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, today announced that Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida has integrated Axis HDTV-resolution network cameras into its Tactical Logistics Center (TLC), a comprehensive, around-the-clock patient third-level monitoring system.

A rotating team of paramedics in the TLC continually check patient vital signs through a bank of clinical review monitors. In addition to monitoring clinical data, the paramedics can turn on the Axis camera in a patient’s room within seconds of an alarm to check for subtle changes in physiology that might indicate the child is in distress. If they observe any sudden changes, paramedics can immediately dispatch a code blue or rapid response team to save a child’s life. Watch the full story here.

“We’re proud that Nemours chose Axis as a partner in building this innovative pediatric monitoring center,” said Paul Baratta, Business Development Manager, Healthcare, Axis Communications, Inc. “It’s gratifying to know that the intelligence capabilities of our cameras are revolutionizing healthcare and playing an important role in helping the hospital improve the quality of patient care for these children and their families.”

Nemours collaborated with Axis to configure AXIS P33 Fixed Dome Network Cameras to seamlessly integrate with the hospital’s clinical monitoring system. The cameras are programed to operate with a privacy curtain. Paramedics are required to call into the room and notify those present before turning on the camera to observe the patient. An LED on the camera lets everyone in the room know when the camera is live streaming. When the cameras are on, paramedics can zoom and focus them remotely as needed.

“Nemours is one of the first pediatric hospitals to implement this third-level monitoring with video verification,” says Joe Summanen, Technical Architect for Nemours Children’s Hospital. “With the Axis cameras we’re able to provide that extra level of care, even when medical staff isn’t in the room.”

TLC paramedics monitor over 100 in-patient beds at Nemours as well as over 150 beds in its sister hospital, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. When alarms go off at either campus, the cameras help paramedics quickly distinguish between dire emergencies and non-events. This alarm validation occurs within seconds as opposed to the average 10 minute nurse response time for less critical alarms found in a recent JAMA Pediatrics research study.

“Giving paramedics the ability to look into each room leads to patients getting the attention they need much quicker,” says Dr. Torres, Chief of Critical Care at Nemours Children’s Hospital. “With the Axis cameras, we’re becoming more preemptive in our responses rather than reactive and that’s helping us achieve the excellence in pediatric care we’re always striving to provide our young patients and their families.”

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