Axis Communications launches cloud-based managed services platform

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June 19, 2018 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA
Security service providers, alarm central stations and their dealers seeking a competitive advantage can now offer an end-to-end managed service that includes remote monitoring via the newly launched AXIS Guardian solution.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, designed the platform to integrate with a provider’s existing alarm monitoring software—the video data is processed on the edge by Axis and then stored in the cloud or locally. By using AXIS Guardian’s centralized device management, providers can maintain and manage their clients’ systems remotely while delivering stable and reliable monitoring to their end customers, without the overhead of maintenance or installation.

“We developed AXIS Guardian in partnership with alarm companies and security providers to ensure that we meet their requirements and the needs of their customers,” said Mike King, Manager, Hosted Video, Axis Communications, Inc. “Our partners can fully realize the benefits of the cloud and provide their customers with a highly effective and cost-efficient solution.”

AXIS Guardian allows alarm monitoring companies and security service providers to increase their customer service and deepen their relationships with customers, without incurring large overhead costs by:

Improving operational efficiencies

Integrating AXIS Guardian with central station software makes alarm handling quick and efficient. Adding video verification to alarm solutions allows for easy identification and verification of a potential threat. This can be done immediately and off-site from the providers’ central station, so the most appropriate response (fire, police, etc.) can be quickly deployed and alarm monitoring providers can stop wasting resources on false alarms.

Increasing business

AXIS Guardian allows alarm dealers and security service providers the ability to offer additional products and services to their end-customers, which will increase sales opportunities. In turn, end-customers can benefit from the best of breed surveillance products on the market without worrying about how they will manage extra security devices and services; since they can be monitored remotely by the alarm monitoring companies and security surveillance providers.

AXIS Guardian’s Web and mobile app also allows end-customers to control their surveillance as needed. Via the apps, customers can access their recorded and live video footage so they can monitor or check their system independently of their alarm or security services provider.

Cost savings

The service also provides commercial benefits. Installation is exceptionally easy as system design is not needed, nor are specially trained installers. AXIS Guardian can integrate into the existing alarm system, and new devices can be added with a single click, meaning no large upfront or installation costs. Remote health monitoring reduces the costs associated with paying and training guards or hiring additional engineers to undertake routine checks of equipment.

AXIS Guardian is offered thru a select group of service providers and central station partners. The service is hosted by Axis Communications and has a flexible subscription model meaning it can be scaled according to a company’s clients’ needs so alarm monitoring and security service providers only pay for what they use.

For further information, please contact: Kristin Albano, Public Relations Specialist , Axis Communications
Phone: 978-614-3089

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