The City of Hartford empowers officers with real-time intelligence

February 27, 2019
Hartford, Connecticut’s Capital City Command Center integrates smart surveillance technologies to combat crime and create a safe place to live, work and play.

The Hartford Police Department (HPD) uses analytics and video surveillance at the Capital City Command Center, commonly referred to as C4, to accelerate police work and coordinate crime fighting efforts among the department. The city integrates public and private surveillance cameras, multi-sourced data streams and video analytics to increase efficiency and arm its officers with real-time intelligence.

While the large metropolitan city had a variety of surveillance technologies, it struggled to integrate its fragmented, under-utilized solutions. This resulted in officers receiving pertinent information too late to assist in investigations and solving crimes. With help from Axis Communications, Milestone Systems and BriefCam, the integrated smart city solution allowed analysts to pull up camera views, map overlays, analytics and additional crime fighting software to obtain crucial forensic details.

What used to take days of searching to find now takes minutes. We’ve gone from fishing with a net to fishing with a spear. 

– Lieutenant Johnmichael O’Hare, Hartford Police Department

The command center implemented 500 Axis cameras throughout the city to assist with monitoring for crimes and security. The data from Axis cameras as well as private business and residential surveillance feed into C4, where analysts can monitor and push critical information to officers and detectives, assisted with crime-fighting. When the cameras were first deployed, the HPD coordinated a narcotics sweep and made 64 arrests within three days by gathering intelligence from the video surveillance. The integrated information hub has helped the city’s officers become more efficient and effective at stopping and deterring crime.

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