Introducing AXIS 18016-LVE Network Video intercom for any video surveillance system

February 25, 2021
AXIS Communications announces the release of a compact, robust, reliable two-way communication intercom. It’s ideal for surveillance in complete darkness or demanding situations

Visitors approach entrances in all different types of environments and circumstances, which can make two-way communication difficult. AXIS 18016-LVE Network Video Intercom was developed to handle demanding situations, such as when there’s low visibility or a lot of background noise.

Designed for two-way communication, video identification, and remote entry control, here are some of the system’s key features:

  • 5 MP security camera with invisible IR night vision and 140°FOV to capture wide-angle views with more detail     
  • Exceptional audio quality with echo and noise cancellation technology
  • Outdoor-ready, vandal resistant 1K10-rated casing
  • Versatile installation. It can be used at entrances or unmanned gates to grant access to drivers, or it can be used as a help point or emergency phone.

With AXIS 18016-LVE Network Video Intercom, users also don’t need to depend on proprietary hardware. They’re free to use open-standard hardware or software from the supplier of their choice. This makes it seamlessly to integrate with other video surveillance, access control, and VoIP communication systems. And the intercom features support for intelligent onboard analytics. All these combine to give users a powerful tool to use as part of their overall security plan.

Chris Shanelaris, Public Relations Manager at Axis Communications US
For further information, please contact: Chris Shanelaris, Public Relations Manager, Americas, Axis Communications
Phone: 978-614-3023