Celebrating 10 years of ONVIF

November 19, 2018
Last week, employees at Axis headquarters in Lund, Sweden, gathered to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of ONVIF. As one of the founding members of ONVIF, Axis has dedicated resources to ensure the success of the international industry forum and is proud of what has been achieved over the last decade. Since 2008, ONVIF has grown to include the majority of all manufacturers in the industry and has more than 10,000 ONVIF profile conformant products on the market.

Although initially only a handful of companies were involved, ONVIF has grown to firmly establish itself in the modern security market and to influence the future of IP-connected surveillance and security. This year marks 10 years since ONVIF started the important work of providing and promoting standardized interfaces for the effective interoperability of networked surveillance and security products. All products supporting a particular ONVIF profile are interoperable regardless of the manufacturer, so end users can pick and choose the optimal products for their needs, without the risk of being locked into any one particular provider’s proprietary system. This enables end users to have more flexibility, greater choice and access to future-proofed solutions from different vendors.


Per Björkdahl, Director of Business Development at Axis Communications and Chairman ONVIF Steering Committee, explains the importance of ONVIF: “Having a common interface is central to achieving interoperability that meets end users´ needs.  We have come a long way in fulfilling this objective, with many international security standards now adopting ONVIF-developed specifications for video surveillance and access control. It’s a bold statement, but without the industry collaboration ONVIF has encouraged, we may not have seen the transition from analog to IP-based video security systems happen so fast and become so dominating as it is today.

Speaking about the future, Björkdahl continues,

“ONVIF’s vision that one day all security systems will share one interface is becoming closer and closer each year. We continue to listen to the demands of the industry and will carry on working with the community to help drive the market forward. Here’s to the next 10 years!”

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