Axis Communications to showcase latest smart city solutions at Smart City Expo 2018

16 October, 2018
Axis Communications will be highlighting a range of solutions, delivering safety and mobility within a city

Enhanced citizen safety and improved traffic flow are two essential pillars in any urban environment which will be the focus for Axis solutions at Smart City Expo 2018, along with real-world examples of technology in action.

Public-private initiatives to increase safety

Together with its partners, Axis can help every city, big or small, flourish through unified security, connected data and intelligence. The City of Atlanta, Georgia, offers an example of these solutions in action, where the Atlanta Police Department has launched Operation Shield, a video integration initiative that pulls video resources from private and public entities into a single command center.

Another example is the City of New Orleans, Louisiana where smart sharing and integration of data – from cameras, license plate readers and the 911 dispatch center – help the Police to more efficiently prevent, detect and investigate crime.

Keeping cities moving through video-based traffic management

A city’s traffic situation has a direct impact on their citizens quality of life, and every improvement results in a positive impact. Axis and partners offer video-based traffic management solutions that enable authorities to optimize traffic flow in real-time and get solid input for long-term improvements. Smart traffic cameras can automatically detect accidents or violations, as well as collect valuable traffic data. By deploying such solutions, cities benefit from safer roads, improved mobility and happier commuters.

For further information, please contact: Kristin Albano, Public Relations Specialist , Axis Communications
Phone: 978-614-3089