Axis Communications announces AXIS Audio Manager Edge

October 27, 2020
The major upgrade to the free embedded audio management software onboard Axis network speakers. 

Whether you’re looking to deter unwanted activity and ward off bad actors detected by security cameras, play in-store advertisements and create ambience with background music, or all of the above, Axis network speakers provide a versatile, high-quality audio system in a single unit. Our embedded AXIS Audio Manager Edge software provides easy content management that allows users to mix live or pre-recorded announcements, ads, and music to suit various needs.

AXIS Audio Manager Edge features preconfigured rules for easy setup, configuration, and operation, and it includes straightforward scheduling for weekly content planning. The upgraded software, developed for managing up to 200 speakers in up to 20 zones, is suitable for small to medium sites with relatively straightforward needs. Free upgrades are available for all previously installed Axis network speakers, and the new software upgrade makes our all-in-one audio system even easier to set-up, configure and use.

Separate access rights for administrators, content managers, and others mean users can assign only the necessary permissions to individuals, lowering the risk of error and system failure. A built-in health monitoring system and a dashboard displaying system status ensure that users quickly become aware of any problems that require addressing.

Key benefits of AXIS Manager Edge include:

  • Built-in audio management system requiring no extra hardware
  • Manage up to 200 speakers and 20 zones
  • Mix live or pre-recorded announcements with ads and background music
  • Easy to schedule and set up weekly content
  • Know your system is working with built-in health monitoring

For sites with over 20 zones and over 200 speakers, consider AXIS Audio Manager Pro. Axis audio manager software off­ers you an easy way to manage your audio management system, helping ensure your message reaches the right target group, at the right time. All tailored to your specific needs.

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AXIS Audio Manager Edge
Chris Shanelaris, Public Relations Manager at Axis Communications US
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