Axis webinar introduces powerful new feature to unify video and access control

May 19, 2021
AXIS Camera Station video management software now includes AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, providing secure access control as part of a unified end-to-end solution with applications across retail, education, commercial, and beyond.

Axis Communications recently presented and demonstrated the new AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry feature at a dedicated and uniquely engaging webinar. The feature sits within AXIS Camera Station video management software to truly unify physical access control and video surveillance in a single platform.

Hosted by Mitch Mershon and Don Mannion of Axis Communications, the webinar features an overview of AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, the benefits of an all-in-one network surveillance solution compared to the integration of standalone solutions, followed by front-end and back-end demonstrations of this new feature in AXIS Camera Station.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry: What is it and what are the benefits?

Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End-to-End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc.
Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End-to-End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc.

As part of a comprehensive end-to-end solution, AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry removes the need to work with multiple vendors, simplifying and enhancing access control for medium-sized businesses. It facilitates the safe flow of people in and out of controlled areas through the use of modern door access controllers with a simplified, edge-based architecture.

WATCH: AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry On-Demand Webinar

The new feature allows easy communication between devices which are designed to sit on a network. So, installation takes a fraction of the normal time. Because it’s network-based, the system allows for simple scaling as required. The typical access control application of controlling and monitoring 15 doors can already be easily surpassed by AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, which will scale to a maximum of 128 doors.

A truly unified solution

By unifying video and access control data into a single platform both the integrator and end user benefit. Integrators benefit because they only have to work in one interface for systems configuration and setup. End users benefit from being able to visually verify cardholders who present a badge, remotely control door access, and easily investigate previous events all in AXIS Camera Station.

Creating a true end-to-end solution

Axis is dedicated to helping customers create a true end-to-end solution by unifying Axis network devices in AXIS Camera Station, enabling them to install, configure, and manage their entire security solution from a single platform. When combined with additional system components—such as video recorders, network audio speakers, door controllers, readers, and cameras from Axis—facility and security managers gain a complete security solution that’s tested and validated to work seamlessly together.

Mitch Mershon explains the benefit for partners: “As the electronic security industry moves increasingly toward connected architecture, Axis is in a very good position to be able to offer secure network devices. Axis security solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses now and in the future. The ability to place one order with Axis for a complete security solution that is both intelligent and cybersecure, including hardware and software, is a major plus point.”

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