Store optimization

Store optimization

Maximize in-store performance

Get better customer behaviour and store activity insight – then ensure that your staff rapidly engages to convert sales and customer experience opportunities. Every hour of every business day. You can focus on customer engagement, sales and service by efficiently monitoring in-store queues, re-allocating your staff in real time and seeing how well your campaigns and merchandising attracts shoppers.

Delivering customer insight to improve store performance.

Discover how retail intelligence from a single smart solution enhances customer experience, optimizes staff productivity and boosts in-store campaigns.

Accurate people counting

”What is the average number of visitors in my store throughout the day? How long do they stay?”

Efficient queue monitoring

“How can I proactively manage queue lengths and response times to enhance customer experience?”

Effective campaign investments

“Is my advertising attracting people to the store? What is the demographic of my customers? What is my in-store conversion rate?”

Gain better insight to optimize your store:

  • A true view of customer behavior in real time
  • Reliable visitor traffic statistics
  • Marketing investment effectiveness
  • Reports to help you improve staffing and store layout


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