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Loss prevention

Minimize shrink and maximize profits

Stores have always faced the challenge of preventing shrinkage-related revenue losses; internal theft, shoplifting, return fraud and organized robberies. Today, it is easier with help from video analytics, to not only identify instances of shrinkage and take action, but also to prevent shrinkage by identifying hot spots inside and outside stores.

Sales floor

Identify suspicious behavior long before any goods leave your premises. Prevent loss with actions based on seamlessly monitoring and recording of your aisles and high value goods areas. Guard your assets and simultaneously ensure that your customers feel comfortable.

Check-out, entrances and exits

With proper cash and inventory management, you will be able to identify, and prevent and reduce shrinkage. By monitoring the daily operations of your business, you increase your awareness of where things might go wrong. You’ll be able to detect cashier-related shrinkage, identify when the fraud occurred, prevent sweethearting, reduce theft, identify return fraud and protect credit card handling.

Our open network video system integrates with additional technologies such as your EAS system to ensure complete, high-quality video coverage of all EAS incidents. When integrating an Axis network video solution with your POS system, you can easily identify and review suspect transactions with video evidence.

Staff areas, break rooms and cash rooms

Decrease the risk of letting unwanted guests in to unattended areas. Safeguard that only your staff and authorized people have access to your backrooms and cash rooms and automatically capture the action of people entering the room in real time.


Storage and warehouse

Effectively ensure that your goods are delivered to your premises and have access to stored video to verify that your products were delivered to and picked up from your storage areas. Keep track of what is placed in the warehouse and storage rooms in an accurate way and have documented, high-quality footage that tracks where your goods are.

Learn how our Loss prevention solutions minimize loss.

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