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Branch offices

Every angle covered. Every area secured.

Branch offices face a variety of security challenges as criminals develop cleverer ways to circumvent traditional security measures. There are many areas to cover in a branch office, from overviews of the waiting areas and ATM vestibule, via images over the tellers, recycling area and vault, to close-up face images at the entrance and exit.

Flexible and future-proof system

When shifting from analog to digital surveillance, Axis’ solutions are ideal as you buy into an open and flexible platform that can be integrated into existing analog equipment and CCTV installations step by step – as they’re needed

Improve operational efficiency and facilitate image extraction

It is possible to integrate Axis’ surveillance solutions with alarm and access control systems for a complete and efficient security platform. By having remote access and the possibility for central management, alarms can be monitored live and visually verified. With remote access you can also extract images from the bank offices from one central location.

Enhance the customer experience

Together with our software partners we are able to offer a range of intelligent video applications for our cameras. These include people counting, queue management and identifying VIP customers.

The answer to your surveillance needs

Facial recognition is a perfect complement to your existing surveillance system, enhancing security and/or customer experience in real time.