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Annual general meeting


The Shareholder’s Meeting is the highest decision making body of Axis. It Is also the platform through which shareholders can exercise their influence over the company. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is where the board is to put forward annual financial statements and consolidated accounts. At the AGM, the audited report and group audit report is put forward. The duties and tasks of the AGM is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act and by the Articles of Association.

The AGM is held in the county of Lund, Sweden, during the first half of the year. When and where the meeting takes place, is made public in connection with the third quarterly report. Information regarding shareholder’s rights to have their cases processed at the meeting will be available at the homepage of the company, when the report is made public.

Invitation to the meeting is made public four weeks prior to the meeting. At the AGM, shareholders are about the development of Axis during the past year. Shareholders can pose questions about Axis and the result from the year in question. Except from legal regulations of the right to participate, according to the Articles of Association of Axis, shareholders who wish to attend the meeting must give a pre-notification, within a certain timeframe. The shareholder must also give notice of whether he or she intends to bring an agent. Shareholders who cannot participate themselves can be represented by an agent. Axis does not apply any special arrangements regarding the purpose of the AGM; there are no such provisions in the Articles of Association, nor, as far as Axis is aware, in any shareholder agreement.

Annual General Meeting

Axis’ Annual General Meeting is held annually in the Lund area during the first half of the year. The notice convening the AGM is published no later than four weeks prior to the AGM.