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ID FAQ115370

How do I report a broken or faulty product?

First, please have a look at our FAQ database to see if there is already a solution to the problem you have.

Otherwise please register a support request using our Axis Online helpdesk as described below:

  1. Click on I want to submit my support questions
  2. Use the drop lists and select:
    • Product Category
    • Product
    • Product serial number*
    • Problem area
  3. Enter a problem summary
  4. Enter a detailed description of the problem and if possible include the following:
    • Date of purchase (in case of product return)
    • Current firmware version of unit
  5. If possible attach a copy server report from the unit and example images in case of image problems.
  6. Click on Submit Question

Your request will be investigated by the Axis Support team and we will respond as soon as possible.

More information: warranty and handling of defective products

* If you report more than one unit, add other serial numbers to the problem description

This article applies to the following products: