A women and man standing by a atm


Customer confidence. Enhanced experience.

Having just passed its 50th anniversary, the ATM is in good health. Far from being in declining usage, numbers of ATMs are increasing worldwide, and are delivering a broader range of banking services than just providing cash. In short, ATMs play a critical role in the customer experience.

But our recent research shows us that many customers can feel unsafe when using ATMs, and banks must look at every aspect of enhancing safety and security at and around the ATM. For several reasons, consumers are either concerned about their personal safety when using ATMs, or avoid using them entirely in certain circumstances, neither of which has a positive impact on their perception of the banking experience. You can download our full survey report in English here.

Discreet cameras. Obvious benefits.

As the leader in network video surveillance, Axis offers the most advanced security and safety solutions within ATMs. Axis’ range of discreet network cameras can defend against attacks on customers and the ATM itself, in addition to protecting against vandalism, theft, and fraud, keeping your ATMs operational.

Immediate action. Improved investigation.

Axis network cameras can send automatic alarms when unwanted situations occur, instantly making you aware of possible crime or security breaches, in addition to providing evidence to police and other stakeholders to enable effective investigation. Axis cameras offer HDTV quality video, giving you the clearest images on the market for amazing detail and enhanced identification, even in difficult lighting conditions.