AXIS Parking Violation Detection

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Please turn to our partner Citilog, who is offering analytics for parking enforcement.


  • Reliable detection of parking violations
  • Instant response
  • Optimal resources allocation – maximum efficiency 
  • Affordable and scalable solution

AXIS Parking Violation Detection offers a 24/7 parking surveillance solution that automatically sends an alert when a potential parking violation has been detected. This can reduce traffic congestion and disturbances caused by unauthorized or illegal parking on city streets and other areas where parking violations may disrupt the traffic flow.

Respond with speed. Resolve with efficiency

AXIS Parking Violation Detection can be set up to cover a full avenue using multiple cameras to cover individual traffic lanes for distances up to 100m (109 yards) each. You can easily set up detection zones in areas where unauthorized vehicles should not stop or park such as bus and bicycle lanes or dedicated handicap parking spots. The application will automatically send an alert to a Video Management System (VMS) or enforcement system anytime a potential violation is detected. The police officer or enforcement agent can then quickly and reliably verify the situation, and if necessary, take action to remove the vehicle.

Illegal and unauthorized parking can cause severe traffic congestion in cities, and be extremely disruptive for business owners, as well as frustrating and potentially dangerous for all road users. More accurate detection of parking violations helps improve citizens’ confidence and trust in the system and leads to fewer disputes about tickets and fines. Furthermore, by alerting motorists to their negligent driving behavior you can help improve long-term road safety and reduce the number of repeat offenders.

Minimum effort. Maximum efficiency

After installing this affordable video analytics in all relevant traffic cameras, you can analyze hundreds of streets or zones at the same time from your video management system. This way you can manage incidents more effectively and allocate resources where they’re most needed. With more accurate and consistent verification of violations, you can eliminate the need to scroll through endless hours of video surveillance and be certain of receiving – in real-time – a notification whenever a true violation occurs.

Thanks to edge analytics you get improved data processing time and a much more cost-effective and flexible system. Furthermore, Zipstream technology allows you to preserve the forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% or more.

Your eyes and ears on the ground

This highly scalable and easy-to-install solution helps minimize risks by allowing traffic enforcers to avoid direct contact with offenders. The on-image overlay function visually highlights the suspected vehicle in the image to make it easier to identify and confirm whether a violation has occurred. Thanks to Axis cameras with PTZ functionality, the operator can zoom in to visually verify the infringement and capture the details if necessary. In addition, privacy masking lets you select areas of a scene, such as private facilities, to be blocked from viewing and recording. Furthermore, this application is developed for responsible use and high privacy, so it doesn’t store license plate numbers.

AXIS Parking Violation Detection is compatible with a range of Axis cameras and 3rd party products like major VMS, so you can connect to existing systems. Furthermore, with the inclusion of pre- and post-sales support, you can rely on Axis first-class customer service all the way.

How to buy

You can purchase AXIS Parking Violation Detection license codes for compatible network cameras from your Axis distributor. One license is required per camera. The license can be activated from the camera or online. For free trial licenses, please contact the local Axis office.

Download software

The latest version of this software is 1.1.1-0


For free trial licenses, please contact the local Axis office in the supported countries.

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