Statement on the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak

27 March 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting many regions across the world. Axis primary focus in this situation continues to be the safety of our employees. Depending on the circumstances in each country where we have business operations, we have taken actions to reduce the risk of employees being exposed to the virus.

To fight the spreading of the virus, many countries have put restrictions on the movement of citizens, which generates uncertainty and causes some delays in our supply chain. We put great effort in finding solutions, such as rearranging transport, working with multiple suppliers, monitoring stock levels across our supply chain in order to prioritize our efforts, keeping safety stocks and monitoring government directives.

Even if this situation causes challenges in the supply chain, we are confident in finding solutions to reduce inconveniences for our customers. Our distributors are, in most cases operating at normal level, and our configuration and logistics centers and manufacturing sites are working well. At this point, the main consequence that we can foresee is slightly longer delivery times. We are committed to keeping our partners and customers updated on a weekly basis about how the situation develops. For more detailed information, we refer Axis partners to the Extended Lead Time List or to their regular channels.

For further information, please contact: Björn Hallerborn , PR & Corporate Communications Manager, Axis Communications
Phone: +46 46 272 18 00