Signed video for body worn cameras ensures authenticity of video evidence

16 January 2023
Axis Communications announces a new cybersecurity feature for Axis body worn cameras. Available with firmware release 11.0, signed video provides an additional layer of protection for body worn solutions helping to enforce trust in video evidence. This valuable feature adds a cryptographic checksum into the video stream allowing the video to be reliably traced back to the unique Axis camera where it was produced and verifying that the footage hasn’t been tampered with.

Whether in criminal or civil investigations, it’s vital that the authenticity of video surveillance can be presented without question. Because any doubt, however small, can be used to undermine the relevance of the video evidence. Now, thanks to signed video, it’s possible to verify the authenticity of video throughout the entire chain of custody. 

Within Axis cameras, signed video uses the Axis Edge Vault hardware component, one of the key security features built into Axis products. Axis Edge Vault is a secure cryptographic compute module which can be used for cryptographic operations on securely stored certificates. It provides tamper-protected storage, enabling each device to securely store sensitive data and provide for secure execution of applications.  

Key benefits of signed video: 

  • Helps ensure trust and assurance of video evidence  
  • Provides authentication at the point of capture 
  • Easy integration thanks to open-source framework 

Axis body worn solutions allow wearers to view the video material on a mobile device or in the VMS/EMS of choice after the camera is docked and synched (according to policies). However, for security purposes, camera wearers cannot share the actual data directly from the camera. Signed video provides an additional layer of protection for body worn solutions so customers can rest assured that the authenticity of video evidence is protected—from the point of capture to the court room.

Monica Tomar
For further information, please contact: Monica Tomar, Regional Marketing Manager, South Asia Pacific , Axis Communications
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