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The Axis ecosystem

How we work - A global presence with local market knowledge

A clear global business model promotes loyalty, scalability and the exchange of knowledge. 

In collaboration with partners in 179 countries, Axis delivers leading solutions to customers all over the world. Since our outset, we’ve worked with an indirect sales model – we sell to distributors who then sell on to system integrators and resellers who, in turn, sell to end customers.

Our indirect sales model means we work with specialist competencies at every stage, from distribution to installation, giving our end customers the very best of the best.

Comprehensive distribution

By collaborating with both global and local partners, we ensure a comprehensive choice of distribution channels. Our distributors are the link between Axis and our resellers and system integrators. They keep stock of Axis products, and also invoice and offer credit to qualified resellers and system integrators.

Distributors can also provide value-adding services to resellers and system integrators, such as marketing and product information, pre-sales technical support and a “one-stop-shop” providing all the components in a video surveillance system. The distributor has a pivotal role channeling the components in the surveillance system, which gives them increased revenue opportunities.

Dynamic partner network

Our system integrators and resellers meet the end customers and handle the design, integration, installation and service of Axis’ product portfolio. Some work with end customers in a particular industry segment, while others work across several. Their core business competencies are varied, spanning networking, structured cabling, security and so on.

All of these partners have the opportunity to make a margin on Axis’ hardware and software, as well as their own services, such as design, maintenance, consulting etc. Our sales organization works very closely with them all to provide continual support, specialist knowledge and skills transfer – such as global training and certification programs.

Global network for future growth

With a well-developed network of partners globally, and excellent knowledge about local trends and needs, we’re well-positioned to take advantage of the market’s growth potential.

It’s our aim to develop the network and broaden the use of digital security systems around the world – and, together with our partners, we’ve got the shared knowledge and expertise to achieve this.

Software vendors: Axis’ Application Development Partners

ADPs are independent software vendors who primarily focus on the development of commercially-available software solutions that integrate with Axis products. The ADPs’ video management solutions serve different industry segments and different business needs. By being close to the local customer, they can also provide customized software solutions that meet the myriad integration requirements of an end customer or channel partner.


Axis also works with consultants, sometimes called design institutes, who provide technical and operational expertise and design skills to end customers. Consultants are involved in the design, installation, operation, supervision and management of the end customer project.  

Technology Partners

Axis also works with Technology Partners. They are hardware vendors who deliver enterprise-class networking, data storage, display or wireless technologies to complement Axis’ offering and give end customers the exceptional level of functionality they demand.