AXIS T8331 PIR Motion Detector

Indoor detection of any motion

  • High-quality PIR motion detector
  • Easy connection to 12 V I/O ports
  • Up to 12 m (40 ft) detection

One-cable connection

The indoor AXIS T8331 PIR Motion Detector is especially tailored for Axis cameras thanks to its built-in I/O connector, the same connector found on Axis cameras. By a single cable, it is fast and easy to connect the detector to the camera.

Flexible area of detection

The detector offers different mounting possibilities, helping to direct the PIR towards the desired area of detection. The included mounting bracket supports a standard tripod thread, making it possible to use any camera stand supporting the same thread. The optional accessory, AXIS T91A10 Mounting Kit (including a clamp and a stand), helps to achieve a precise leveling of the detectors.


Axis PIR Motion Detectors are compatible with all Axis cameras using the 12 V I/O ports, and more specifically with:

Compatible products


AXIS T91A10 Mounting Kit

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Positioning units

AXIS T99A10 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC

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Audio and I/O

AXIS T6112 Audio and I/O Interface

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AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface

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